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UTM Extension service Delivery (UXD)

Despite the common belief that Nigeria is not ready for privatized extension services due to the public goods nature of such services provided to date and the limited means of smallholder farmers, a number of development initiatives are paving the way for privatized extension.

Our approach also analyses the frameworks and models – farmers’ associations, out growers’ schemes, commodity alliance models, business partnership model and public–private partnerships– which power these initiatives. We analyze how the experiences of these frameworks and models could be harnessed to improve extension service delivery. We also highlight the role of non-governmental organizations. A case is made for more professionalism in extension work, deepening and broadening extension activities to include post-harvest handling, marketing and policy advocacy. This business analysis concludes that with proper calculation and appropriate policy support, the privatization of extension service delivery in Nigeria could be very effective and profitable to all stakeholders.

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